ADA Code

ADA Code signage must comply with certain guidelines specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Typically recognized solely as signs with braille, ADA signs require much more than simple braille and raised characters. If a room identifies as a permanent space, an exit or a directional wayfinding, it must comply to these strict guidelines. Not only do these signs benefit those individuals who may be blind, but are also designed for the hearing and mobility impaired, or those who may have cognitive or psychiatric conditions.

We have a number of products we offer to accommodate our client’s needs. Our various processes include Acrylic and applied, Photopolymer, Thermoformed, Thermograph, Photochemical Etching in metals. We can etch virtually any material however, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Zinc and Magnesium are our most common. ADA can also be made from 3-Form and glass materials and our new Thermograph process allows us to utilize any material and any color copy with custom graphics or watermarks.

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