Donor Recognition & Memorials

Allotech has had the privilege to manufacture beautiful and unique donor recognition walls in various buildings and institutions.  Our customers expect uniformity, design integrity and value to honor those individuals that have donated time and money to a specific cause. We have been contracted to improve both existing walls that demand new designs and layouts over time, and also be at the forefront of the design and development process up until the moment of the big reveal.  Donor walls are made from virtually any material, process and arrangement and can include any array of design elements to enhance the environment and surrounding architecture, whether it be metal, painted acrylics, glass or wood,  Allotech takes great pride in producing what our customers envisioned in honoring the donors of their projects.

Additionally, as a Disabled-Veterans corporation, Allotech takes pride in the great people that serve our country, and we love creating monuments that honor those who fight and have fallen in the line of duty.  Memorials and monuments are large scale projects that require meticulous attention to detail and outstanding creativity, and Allotech has yet to face a monument we cannot create.  Having created memorials for National Parks, individual members whom have served, and all branches of military, we feel honored to help create beautiful projects in their name.  Allotech understands and appreciates the importance of those who serve our great country, and we take pride in having never missed a memorial dedication.

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