Ballet West Captiol Theatre

Ballet West and Capitol Theater is one of our favorite projects we have ever worked on, partly because the venue is breathtaking! The Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre, located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake, is the home of Broadway Across America, Utah Opera and the world-renowned Ballet West. In 2013, the theatre and ballet company went under renovation to improve several dated aspects of the location. This renovation project, in which the theater was renamed the Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre, is the first part of the expansion for the new permanent home of Ballet West.

This is a 2-phase project which spotlights many of our capabilities, and our ability to match new letters to old. Utilizing custom fabricated thermoform for printed ADA sign panels, we created the dozens of room and auditorium signs you see throughout the buildings with custom recessed metal accents. We also constructed custom recessed metal room signs and area markers with paint-fill letters. A fun part of the project were the donor names; flat cut donor panels which were uniquely cut at the top of the panel to allow cut out letters, which are displayed in various parts of the building.

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