Salt Lake Community College Campuses


Over the years, Allotech has had a great relationship with Salt Lake Community College and have been involved in countless projects to create signage for existing and new buildings for the many campuses across the Salt Lake valley, which includes 10 campuses total. One of the more major projects we had the pleasure of being a part of was the Redwood Campuses remodel & addition in 2010.

SLCC encompasses several products Allotech utilizes, the primary product and processes spotlighted in this section include custom parking signs, wayfinding posts and exterior/interior custom fabricated and flat cut lettering. All lettering is custom anodized for long-term protection, and that durability is evident in many of the letters from the Redwood Campus, the oldest of the SLCC campus in the valley which opened in 1967.

The custom parking signs were a lot of fun for the Allotech team, as they were unique to what we typically see in regards to parking signage. As opposed to the everyday parking signs you may see, these signs were created from scratch with new designs and ideas which create for an eye-catching product! Additionally, the wayfinding posts throughout the Redwood campus were a great challenge for our team; custom cut panels with applied paint and vinyl material created the directions, which were then slid into place with the top piece displaying the Salt Lake Community College name and logo.

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