NuSkin Campus

The NuSkin Campus, located in Provo City, Utah, is by far Allotech’s largest project to date. Spotlighting our full range of capabilities, this project challenged our company to create some of the best products we have ever made. From the very first designs of the project, our team at Allotech worked closely with the founder, architects and designers to help improve and simplify some of the details they wanted to create at the updated NuSkin facility.

On this specific project we manufactured and installed all signs and signage based pieces, as well as multiple architectural and graphical elements throughout the campus. We installed both basic and high-resolution printed vinyl for wayfinding and directional purposes, which can be found on columns, elevators, headache bars, security booths and walls throughout the building and surrounding parking garages. A massive endeavor for the project was the hundreds of acrylic resin tactile ADA signs for each room and wing of the building, which were designed with a beautiful water ripple effect. Additional elements of the project include solid, flat-cut dimensional letters, applied graphics and corporate imaging, as well as a giant 3D cast spoon for the eatery inside the building. Another great accent of the project are the 3D lettering found outside the building, with a built-in LED lighting fixture that is a great feature in conjunction with the glass building that looks incredible as the sun begins to set.

Our favorite portion of this project was a 10-foot tall fabricated stainless steel logo that sits near the south entrance of the building. Made from 316-alloy/stainless steel, the logo was finished with a fine mirror polish making it highly reflective and a beautiful signature on this incredible campus. This piece was our favorite part of the project and an honor to be trusted with, and we throughly enjoyed working with the crew at NuSkin.

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