Davis Conference Center

The Davis Conference Center is a great example of a project designed for long-lasting results. Allotech both consulted on the design and manufactured the signage, which is a great spotlight of our work due to the varying products, material and scale of the overall project.

Completed over two phases due to the additional expansion of the building, the signage integration between both phases were matched, manufactured and installed seamlessly in order no variance in age or quality could be detected. ADA signage was created with multiple layers and components to create a 3D-like effect, utilizing a variety of materials, paints and layers. A series of fabricated metal panels with perforated accents were stacked with flat-cut lettering applied for the reception area, as well as a very unique circular “Information” panel that sits out from the wall. Decorative architectural elements creating a vertical fin, or triangle accent were made for each conference rooms identification, and larger architectural identification panels with fabricated structures over the entries to the main exhibit halls also used the same perforated paneling. The project also includes a series of curved 3-From panels that create an artistic cloud design that hangs from the ceiling in one of the conference centers large window rooms. Additionally, a large exterior illuminated logo with a curved perforated panel creates a beautiful welcome to the entrance of the conference center, hung between the large iconic spires which has become an identifying feature of this beautiful project.

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