University of Utah Basketball Locker Room

The Men’s Basketball Locker Room at the University of Utah was a quick turn-around project which highlighted our ability to work on rushed projects, yet still maintain a high level of quality.

At the entrance of the state-of-the-art locker room, we applied a giant logo to the automatic glass door which opens into the actual locker room, to which a large block “U” is hanging, fabricated with a custom radius face to fit against a custom curved wood wall. Built with an internal LED light, the “U” casts a halo effect that makes it stick out from the wall creating a really beautiful “first impression” of the locker room for the players. Inside, we manufactured full-color reversed prints on acrylic with panoramic images to create a wall mural. Flat cut dimensional letters are applied to the face of these murals, creating a seamless 3-dimensional effect. Additional elements include dimensional laser cut acrylic PAC-12 logos with a 3D effect, and two huge, full-color printed images of Hall of Fame players on the walls.

Within the locker portion of the facility, we created waterjet cut aluminum panels with the iconic block “U’ in the vent portions of the lockers to add a custom design element. Atop the lockers are each of the players nameplates, photochemically etched in aluminum. In addition, we waterjet flat cut dimensional letters and logos for the schools Drum and Feather logo for the University of Utah as well as an Under Armour logo element. Additional laser cut acrylic letters were flush mounted to the wall with some lettering painted the same color of the wall appearing to protrude out of the wall.

For more information on the University of Utah Men’s Basketball Team, please click here.

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